Paternity in Illinois refers to the relationship between a father and his child, both legal and otherwise. Establishing paternity involves a quick, painless DNA test to determine who the biological father of the child and is performed for a number of reasons when the paternity of a child isn’t legally clear.

Establishing Paternity For Child Support

In the event that child support is in question, it is often necessary to legally establish paternity of a child. A mother cannot collect child support from a father without a paternity test to confirm a biological relationship between the child and the father. However, once paternity is established, a mother can petition the court for child support to be awarded and has legal options available to her should a father fail to meet his child support obligations.

Establishing Paternity For Custody & Visitation

A father may want to establish paternity in the event that he wishes to be involved in the child’s life and the mother is not cooperative. In order for him to have a legal right to custody and visitation, there must be legal proof of a biological relationship between the father and the child. In some cases, a father who does not believe he has a biological relationship with a child may want to undergo paternity testing in order to release himself from financial responsibility if he is indeed, not the father.

Working With an Illinois Paternity Lawyer

Regardless of what side you are on, it is in your best interest and the interests of your family to work with an Illinois paternity lawyer when establishing a biological relationship between a father and child. Jennifer Wiesner has extensive experience working with both mothers and fathers when establishing paternity, and can provide you with comprehensive legal support.

Should paternity testing need to be ordered by a court, Attorney Wiesner can assist you with petitioning the court for said testing and ensure all paperwork is filled out with complete accuracy. Additionally, once paternity has been established, Attorney Wiesner can help you petition the court for child support, custody or visitation and will guide you through the legal process step by step.

When paternity matters, contact an attorney you can trust to provide you with sound legal advice and support. Call paternity attorney Jennifer Wiesner today for a consultation at (630) 562-2300. Attorney Wiesner is available now to discuss your case with you.