As with many things in life, sometimes marriage doesn’t go the way you planned. There are many precursors to divorce, including two spouses who no longer get along, a spouse that has committed adultery, or even a spouse that has deserted the other. Regardless of what situations led to the decision to get a divorce, one thing is certain – when you enter the legal process of separation, you need a qualified Illinois divorce attorney on your side.

How to File Divorce in DuPage County

There are two ways that you can file divorce in Illinois. The first is filing for grounds, where one spouse files for divorce due to adultery, cruelty or any other reason that the law recognizes as grounds for divorce. This type of divorce is typically used when one spouse wants a divorce but the other does not. However, both spouses can also file for a no-fault divorce if both are in agreement about the separation. If both spouses agree to the divorce in writing, the divorce can be granted in as little as six months. However, if not, the spouses must be separated for two years or more.

Working With a Qualified Illinois Divorce Lawyer

Even in the simplest divorces, you need to make sure that your rights and interests are legally protected. It’s important that you consult with a DuPage divorce attorney as quickly as possible following the decision to divorce. An attorney will discuss with you what your legal options are going forward, and how best to pursue a divorce.

Jennifer S. Wiesner is a dedicated DuPage family law attorney who is committed to helping Illinois families through the difficult process of divorce. She has the experience and skills necessary to provide you with zealous representation, whether you are in the midst of a contested divorce where a lot is at stake, or you are amicably seeking a quiet divorce from your spouse.

No individual should have to go through the process of an Illinois divorce alone, without someone on their side looking out for what is best for them. Jennifer S. Wiesner can provide you with the legal guidance and emotional support you need as you close this chapter of your life and start anew.

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