When two parents separate in the state of Illinois, the courts will generally award custody to the parents a variety of ways. Physical custody may be shared equally by both parents, or one parent could have primary physical custody with the noncustodial parent having visitation time. Both parents must adhere to the custody orders as outlined by the court, or legal action could be taken. However, due to changes in the situation of both one or both parents, an original child custody order may no longer be beneficial for the minor child(ren). In a case like this, either parent may request a modification to the original child custody order based on the following:

  • The primary custodian has demonstrated violence towards the child(ren), or there is a record of domestic violence of any kind in the home
  • The noncustodial parent has demonstrated violence towards the child(ren) during visitations, or there is a record of domestic violence of any kind in the home
  • The child has become old enough to state his or her preferences regarding custody

In the state of Illinois, a custody modification will not be granted if the parents have been separated for less than two years unless both parents are in agreement about the modification request or the requesting party can show clear evidence that the current custody order is causing the minor child(ren) physical or emotional harm.

Requesting an Illinois Child Custody Modification Order

If you are seeking a child custody modification order in DuPage, Kendall or Kane counties, it is essential that you consult with a qualified Illinois custody lawyer regarding your case. There are a number of legal intricacies of custody modification orders in Illinois, and it is important that work with a qualified DuPage custody attorney through the various stages of petitioning for a modification to an original child custody order.

Jennifer S. Wiesner has a substantial record of success with Illinois custody modifications and can provide your family with dependable legal guidance in this area of family law. No matter what side of the modification order you are on, Attorney Wiesner can advise you of your legal rights and options, and help you to gather the necessary documentation to support your modification request.

As a seasoned Chicago family law attorney, Jennifer S. Wiesner has assisted families across the state of Illinois through the process of divorce, legal separation, child custody and child support and is ready to help you and your loved ones close this chapter of your lives and begin anew.

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