Although the emotional consequences of a divorce are similar between uncontested and contested divorces, the process of a contested divorce is significantly more complex and the outcome can be vastly different. When both spouses cannot come to an agreement on the various aspects of a divorce, such as child custody and visitation or property an asset division, the divorce process can quickly move into litigation. This is especially true if there are substantial assets involved.

A contested divorce is significantly more difficult for everyone involved, including children, and it is entirely possible that the divorce could last up to 18 months or even as long as two years. The process is often wrought with emotion, and a great deal of animosity can be involved when two ex-spouses cannot agree on the division of important assets. Although it is important to work with an experienced DuPage county divorce lawyer as soon as you learn that a divorce is imminent, it becomes even more crucial when the divorce becomes contested.

How an Illinois Divorce Lawyer Can Help

A divorce lawyer in Illinois can provide you with legal guidance and support through each stage of the divorce process. With the best interests of you and your loved ones in mind, your attorney will evaluate assets, property, debts and other aspects of the divorce to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to, or your ex-spouse is responsible for his or her fair share of debts that accumulated during the marriage.

Jennifer S. Wiesner is an experienced DuPage county divorce attorney and can provide you with solid representation and zealous advocation. With a solid track record of success in contested divorce cases, Attorney Wiesner has secured substantial divorce settlements for her clients. When critical aspects of a marriage dissolution are on the line, she will passionately represent you to the best of her ability and experience.

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