One of the most challenging situations following a divorce or separation is when a parent wishes to relocate or move to another area. This is especially true if the area to which the child’s parent would like to move is far away, such as in another state and in some cases, another country. Typically, this happens when a parent is offered a new job in another area, or when a parent begins another relationship with someone who wants to reside somewhere else.

However, Illinois prevents the relocation or removal of a child by a parent unless both parents are in agreement regarding the relocation, or a court order grants the parent permission to relocate or remove the child from the current area. Relocating the child without the legal right to do so can cause serious legal ramifications, even if the parent believes he or she was acting in the child’s best interest.

Working With a Seasoned Illinois Child Relocation Attorney

It is almost always best to work with an experienced Illinois family law attorney in any case of child relocation or child removal. Even in cases where both parents are in agreement about the relocation, one parent can easily change his or her mind later on and without a written agreement or court order, the parent who relocated the child will automatically be seen as being in the wrong.

If you are a parent who wishes to relocate, you need the assistance of a knowledgeable DuPage county child custody lawyer. An attorney can help you procure documentation necessary to petition the court for permission to relocate, as well as guide you through the proper steps of a relocation request to protect your rights and the interests of your child(ren). Alternatively, if you are a parent who shares custody or visitation rights with a parent who wishes to relocate, an attorney can assist you in halting the relocation or denying the parent the right to remove the child.

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